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Packing Machine for 24 Colors Pencil


Hydraulic Rod-pressing Machine


Hydraulic Core-pressing Machine


Pressure Injecting Core Machine


High Speed Emulsification Disperser


Hydraulic Canned Machine


Dual Sides Sawing Machine


QSB50 Hydraulic Binding Board Machine


Rubber Core Machine with Single Side


Rubber Core Machine with Roller Type


Recessing Machine


Intermittent Recessing Machine


Sawing Head Machine with Rubber Board


High Speed Shaping Machine


Direct Glasser


Painting Machine with Four-needle Dual Belt


Chain Painting Machine with Dual Belt


Stripping Machine with Single Needle and Double Needle


Cutting Machine




Grinder for Grinding Pencil Top


Dual Sides Printer


Triple Sides Printer


Rolling Printer


Eraser Machine


Automatic Injecting Pencil Machine


Pneumatic Flat Pencil Machine


Automatic Painting Machine


Pneumatic Discharging Pencil Machine


Automatic Machine for Cutting Tail


Thermal Transfer Printer with Turntable Type


UV Printing Ink Printer


Single Side Cutting Machine


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